余生都将致力于从POI 里挖糖,以及制糖。

题目就叫“我女朋友太懒了” 黑我女票一波

She never tidies the room
She never cleans her shoes
She also never vacuums the floor
Makeup is the only thing she can score

She doesn’t often wash her hair
She says, even if I don’t do it, I still look fair
But she does enjoy a bath every month
Though at that time she’ll need a sponge

Do not ever ask her where the keys are
Nor her cellphone, her glasses, even her bra
Because she’d toss them anywhere possible
Even onto our neighbor’s roof top from afar

O Amy sure is sloppy
But how I adore her dearly
Isn’t it what love is about?
Despite her vices, I still want to say to her “I love you” out loud